Welcome to Both Worlds CIC

Both Worlds Community Interest Company is a not for profit support and care agency, which was founded by a service user and support worker who had a firm belief that appropriately supported individuals lead fuller and happier lives. Importantly that everyone has a right to manage their support, have a say in how they receive their support and what their support should do for them. 

At Both Worlds CIC we provide bespoke (individually tailored) support, including personal care, for anyone aged 13+ that wants or needs it - Elders, Disabled People, lone parents, young people in transition or facing difficulties in their lives.  It is our aim to include anyone that needs social care and support.  We are based in Southampton and operate wihtin the southampton area.   


Our Vision


We seek to be recognised and respected as an excellent provider of innovative, bespoke support services that provide an alternative to traditional day services and domiciliary care; equally valuing its service users and workers.

Both Worlds aims to support its service users to lead the life style they wish to lead, preserving their dignity and freedom of choice and to provide good working conditions for its support workers.


Values and Core Principals


Above all, Both Worlds values people and believes that diversity enriches our lives.  We are committed to upholding the human and civil rights of those people whose lives we touch.

Both Worlds endorses the principles of:

  • Self-determination - the right to be autonomous and to define who we are;
  • Equality - the right to access and enjoy the same material comforts, wellbeing, freedoms, opportunities, facilities and relationships as each other;
  • Inclusion - the right to participate fully with our differences embraced;

and seeks to promote affirming and empowering practice.

These values govern the nature of our services.  Although we are not perfect and mistakes happen, we will do our utmost to see that our values and principles are upheld and will always strive to improve.


Community Interest Company (CIC)

As a Community Interest Company, Both Worlds seeks to serve the community rather than merely creating profits for individuals.  To register as a CIC we had to pass the "community interest test" and agree to an "asset lock".  Follow the link to find out more.